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Website Design

We have a wide range of clients that need different levels of service including updating or adding to existing websites, creating a new web design from scratch, or building upon one of our many thousands of pre-made web designs that can offer an affordable entry point. Skills we utilize for website design include:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript / JQuery
  • AJAX
  • Semantic Markup / SEO

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Our custom programming will allow you to bring your website to the next level by being able to create a truly dynamic website. Whether you need us to write code to implement a unique idea you have, or if you need us to be able to communicate with a 3rd party's API to utilize their services, we can help. Skills we have include:

  • PHP Programming
  • Perl Programming
  • CodeIgniter
  • WordPress
  • Magento

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Databases can be used to store a wide range of information from customers, orders, content, posts, financial information, tools, and more. Often accessed and manipulated via programming, we can work both with existing database structures, or can develop a comprehensive schema from the ground up to meet the needs of your application. We specialize in working with MySQL databases, and enjoy crafting efficient queries utilizing the right indexes so that your pages load quickly and efficiently.

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Sometimes all you need is an web development expert who can help you make decisions on how you should move forward with your website. Our consultation services can help you make the right choices by providing technical information, ideas for the design and functionality of your website, and any obstacles you might need to overcome. Let us be your advisor so that you can be informed and make the best decisions possible.

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“We knew what we wanted, just not how to get there. Unmelted took us in the right direction.”

  • Jewelry osCommerce Template
  • Wine osCommerce Template
  • Handbags osCommerce Template
  • Insurance Joomla Template
  • Speed Joomla Template
  • Bellissimo Joomla Template
  • Organic PrestaShop Theme
  • Acountant Moto CMS Template
  • Kite Website Template
  • Expero Joomla Template
  • Pilot PrestaShop Theme
  • Djuci WordPress Theme

We have over 19,719 completely awesome website templates that can be a source of inspiration, or a great starting point to your new website. You will be amazed at your choices.

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A little more about us.

Unmelted, LLC is based out of Bonney Lake, WA which is in the south part of the Puget Sound in the greater Pacific Northwest. We are approximately 38 miles from Seattle, WA, 16 miles from Tacoma, WA, and 42 miles from Olympia, WA. We are lucky in the sense that we are centered geographically to many of the populated areas around us which makes traveling easy. We operate globally and have clients and customers from all over the country and around the world.

Founded in 1998 by Brian Wozeniak, Unmelted has been actively developing website properties for over 15 years. Unmelted's most successful property has been Ozzu.com which has reached over 1 million people per month.

Our mission is to create stunning websites and web based applications that engage visitors. We know what it takes to run a successful website. Let us help you achieve your goals.